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The funeral service was about to begin. Everyone stood ions in silence. Nature's Melodic Pause, her family's favorite piece of music, filled the air. The Light Keepers marched in and formed an honor guard around the family and their friends. When the music stopped, the Guards clicked their heels in unison, withdrew their swords and raised them forming a spire above the group. In the circular opening created by the swords, streams of golden light showered the family. Everyone looked up, as Jamie's parents hovered on the Light beams.

Dad spoke first. "My dearest family, what a wonderful life I had. Fabulous parents and siblings, a loving and beautiful wife, and two intelligent and creative daughters. I thank you all for being a part of my Light Journey. I love you forever, Jamie, and all of you."

In a soft-spoken voice, Mom added, "Light Journeys have endings that are hard for those left behind, but they also are unbelievably peaceful and glorious beginnings for those who walk over. We are at peace. Jamie. You are a young brave warrior who will carry on the family tradition of bringing others into the Light. Your father and I are very proud of you and will always be as close to you as your heart." She gracefully handed down to Jamie a beautiful black urn. "Take care of Kattie. Free her spirit so she can be with us in Paradise."
The beams of light embraced Jamie and then ascended. "I will. I promise."
In unison, the Light Keepers returned their swords to its sheath. They chanted one of the family's favorite hymns, Your Winds Carry Me on High. Jamie sang along with renewed strength and grace. The congregation, following Jamie's lead, broke into song.